Woman loses thousands

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Police are warning elderly people to be on their guard after a county woman unwittingly handed thousands of pounds to a crook who pretended to be from her bank.

The victim received a call from someone claiming her bank account had been compromised.

He said her funds should be switched to a new account but that must be kept secret as staff at her branch were under investigation.

She was called again and lost more cash when persuaded to transfer additional funds to get a higher rate of interest.

Police Det Sgt Paul Carville said: “This one incident has netted the scammers many thousands of pounds from a vulnerable elderly lady.

“We know that it is a very prolific fraud nationwide so there may be many more victims that we don’t know about.

“I would urge everyone to be alert to potential fraud and to help elderly relatives and neighbours by making sure they are aware of the tactics used by callers.”