Woman left terrified after crossing attack

Hawthorn Bank level crossing, Spalding
Hawthorn Bank level crossing, Spalding
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Police are urging a woman who sat terrified at a Spalding level crossing while youths tried to get into her car to contact them so they can catch the culprits.

The woman’s boyfriend contacted the Spalding Guardian to warn other residents to lock their cars.

Preferring to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, the man said the incident happened on Saturday about 9pm.

He said: “My girlfriend was driving home on Hawthorn Bank when the level crossing closed to give way for the train. She stopped and was last in the queue.

“When the level crossing opened, the cars in front started to move off. She had seen three lads walking on the sidewalk, but thought nothing of it.

“As she started to drive off one of the lads ran up to the car and pulled the door handle, trying to get in the car.

“Luckily, she has a habit of locking the door as soon as she gets in, but what the lads didn’t realise was that she had a dog in the car. That scared them off.

“It could have turned out very different if she hadn’t locked the door.

“Spalding is turning in to a very dangerous town. Carjacking? Whatever next?”

Sgt Stuart Hurst has urged the woman to report the incident to the police so it can be investigated.

He said: “There is a good chance we could catch the youths because there are CCTV cameras on that level crossing.

“But we can do nothing unless people report incidents to us. Crime is going down, but the best way to make streets safer is to work with us.”

To report an incident, call police on 101.