Woman injured after trying to break up pub fight

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A woman was injured in the face when she stepped between a landlord and a man ejected from his pub.

Amy Mitchell was hurt when Phillip Walker pushed her out of the way and again as he punched a door and glass “exploded everywhere”.

Boston magistrates saw CCTV pictures of Walker being pushed out of the pub and headbutted by landlord Pete Williams on January 17.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Ms Mitchell tried to resolve things by stepping in the middle.

Miss Stace said Ms Mitchell thought she had been punched by Walker, but it was clear from CCTV that he pushed her.

Walker punched the door, smashing the window, and Ms Mitchell was hit by glass.

Miss Stace said Ms Mitchell went to hospital. There was a build-up of fluid on her jaw, changes to her peripheral vision, two small scars to the left side of her nose and four of her teeth were loose.

In a victim personal statement, Ms Mitchell said she changed addresses on social media so Walker couldn’t find out where she lived and never goes anywhere on her own.

She also said: “I only use the pub where the assault took place because I am aware he won’t be going back in there.”

Ms Mitchell said she wears more make-up to cover scars on her face “so I don’t have to see them”.

Solicitor Daven Naghen, mitigating, said Walker was pushed and headbutted by Mr Williams. Walker had tried to get Ms Mitchell “out of the way so he could see what was happening” and was surprised when he punched the door that the glass exploded everywhere.

Mr Naghen said: “On this occasion, he has been the victim of assault, but in the circumstances reacted quite badly.”

Walker was fined £660 for assault and must pay £250 compensation to Ms Mitchell with £85 costs and a £66 victim surcharge.

Magistrates ordered a 12-month exclusion from the Punchbowl, but Walker said: “I have no intention of going.”

There was no separate penalty for damage to the glass and no award for compensation.

Walker (39), of Double Street, Spalding, pleaded guilty to assault by beating and criminal damage.