Woman feared her heart would be ripped out

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A TERRIFIED Spalding woman feared her migrant neighbour was going to rip her heart out during an alleged vicious attack at their shared property.

Christine Seymour (58) relived the acttack, which is said to be unprovoked, at Lincoln Crown Court. She accuses Andrzej Chranowski (34) of stabbing her with a pair of surgical scissors at their three-storey property in Green Lane.

An emotional Miss Seymour told the court how she suffered four potentially life threatening wounds, including one just centimetres from her heart - but survived after police attended and rushed her to hospital.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, an emotional Miss Seymour said: “I felt a huge pressure on my chest, like a knee drop, and put my hands up because I couldn’t breathe. I felt something was ripping across my chest, it felt like somebody’s fingers were going across my chest.

“It just felt like he was trying to rip thorugh to my heart, I just thought he was strying to rip my heart out.”

Chranowski, who is listening to the case through a Polish interpreter, was arrested at the scene but claimed somebody esle was repsonsible for the attack on Miss Seymour when he was questioned by police.

He denies attempting to murder Miss Seymour on 2 February, and two further charges or wounding and threatening one of her housemates.

The trial continues.

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