Wind farm High Court hearing: Turbine noise ‘just a swoosh’ says farmer

Nicholas Watts
Nicholas Watts
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A FARMER who has three of the Deeping St Nicholas wind turbines on his land claims the only sound he ever heard from them was the “steady swish” of their blades.

Nicholas Watts, who owns 2,000-acre Vine House Farm, told London’s High Court his house is “910 metres” from the nearest turbine, but he has never been bothered by the sound they make.

Questioned by his QC, William Norris, Mr Watts said he had “never heard them in the house”, but added that he “occasionally heard them in the yard as a gentle swooshing noise”.

Mr Watts is among four defendants being sued by Jane and Julian Davis over alleged “nightmare” noise nuisance from the turbines which the couple claim drove them out of their home at Gray’s Farm.

The couple are suing landowners, RC Tinsley Ltd and Mr Watts, as well as Fenland Windfarms Ltd and Fenland Green Power Cooperative Ltd, who own and operate the turbines.

Mr Watts said he asked the Davises to demonstrate the problem and added: “I have never really heard a noise which I would call a nuisance”.

He said he asked Mrs Davis to tell him the next time she was experiencing noise problems but when he visited the farm in response to a telephone call, all he could hear was a “steady swish”.

He told the court: “Mrs Davis said that sometimes the noise is so bad it rattles and vibrates the buildings here. I said I’d like to hear it when the noise is like that”.

l Mr Justice Hickinbottom adjourned the case after all the non-expert evidence.

The case is expected to return to court for a resumed hearing in November when expert evidence will begin.