Wife’s hammer attack on cheating hubby as mistress looks on

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A woman hit her cheating husband twice on the head with a hammer after his mistress came to the house in the early hours of the morning.

David Abbott was asleep at the couple’s Whaplode St Catherine home and woke up to find his wife and mistress at the foot of the bed.

He dressed and went downstairs, words were said and Lorna Abbott armed herself with a hammer.

Spalding Magistrates’ Court heard on Thursday that she raised the hammer above her shoulder and struck her husband twice on the head.

Edward Johnson, prosecuting, said: “Between the two blows, she apparently was screaming words to the effect of ‘Get out, you *******, get out’.

“The injuries are not as severe as one might have anticipated. The injuries were repaired merely by gluing.”

Lorna Abbott (57), of Cranesgate South, admitted assaulting David Abbott by beating on October 13.

Solicitor Mike Alexander said a police officer recorded a comment from Lorna Abbott as: “I was aiming at his girlfriend, he got in the way.”

But Mr Alexander said she couldn’t remember saying that.

His client found out on their 39th wedding anniversary that her husband was having an affair.

Mr Alexander said Mr Abbott moved out, stayed with the other lady for a week and then moved home again.

On the night of the assault, the Abbotts celebrated together because Mr Abbott had got a new job.

Later the two women had an “amicable” phone conversation for about an hour.

“At this stage they are having a chat about the family and the situation,” Mr Alexander said. “This lady, for some reason, then decides to go to Lorna Abbott’s home to see whether the husband is okay.”

He said Lorna Abbott went upstairs to wake her husband, but the other woman followed.

“Lorna Abbott’s view, whether it’s right or wrong, is that this other woman is coming into her house to take her husband away after they have had a celebration.”

Mr Alexander said the husband has now moved in with the other woman.

The court heard Mr Abbott was at the back of the court to support his wife, but did not support the prosecution.

Sentence was adjourned to November 22 for a probation report.