Website bid to catch Alan Wood’s killers

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COUNTY police have launched the UK’s first-ever murder investigation website to help find the killers of Alan Wood.

Mr Wood (50) was bound in tape and brutally tortured over the course of three days before he was killed at his home in Lound, near Bourne, in October 2009.

The man described as “contented and laid back” had his throat slit and, once he was dead, the murderers attempted to cut off his head.

The man leading the murder hunt – Det Supt Stuart Morrison – says his investigation is already international and the new website means people in countries around the world can now help officers trace Mr Wood’s killers.

The website – – includes a simple form so people can easily give information to the detectives working on the case.

It’s still not clear how many people were involved in the murder, but one person left blood at the scene and DNA databases in 49 countries continue to be checked.

Det Supt Morrison said: “It is a possibility that these people are not UK nationals, but there is a possibility that they are. We have insufficient information to say definitely either way.”

He says the case has not been scaled down and a dozen officers are still working hard to arrest Mr Wood’s killers.

It is believed the part-time supermarket worker was tortured for his bank card PIN numbers.

A key suspect in the case is the man dubbed by police as “ATM man”, who used Mr Wood’s cards to withdraw money from cashpoints in Stamford and Bourne.

There are enhanced CCTV images of the suspect on the new website as well as pictures of the distinctive Converse trainers he was wearing.

The site also features two BBC Crimewatch films and details on the £60,000 reward put up jointly by Mr Wood’s employer, Sainsburys, and Crimestoppers

There’s information provided by Alan’s family and a comment from his mum, Maureen, who says: “Alan was friendly, placid and wouldn’t hurt a fly.”