‘We will catch and fine who is responsible’

Graffiti along the river bank in Spalding.
Graffiti along the river bank in Spalding.
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Did you see who was responsible for this graffiti around Spalding? If so the police would like to hear from you.

Over the past three weeks, more examples of the culprits’ art has been springing up on walls over the town – with the main targets being the river bank, the back of the swimming pool at the Castle Sports Complex and Gore Lane.

PC Paul Smith said police were determined to find who is responsible and stop it.

He said: “It’s said one man’s art is another man’s criminal damage, but when it is offensive it cannot be tolerated.

“Some of it is directed at the police. The culprits are using the hours of darkness to do the graffiti and some of it is signed with a tag.

“One of the tags is JP100% – an anti-establishment Eastern European rock band.

“If you are a teacher, have you seen this tag on school books – any information would be welcome.

“At the end of the day, it spoils the look of the town and it’s wasting taxpayers’ money because it costs a lot to clean it off.

“It is criminal damage and those responsible could end up in court and be fined.”

The police have notified South Holland District Council about the locations of the graffiti.

The crime is considered so serious that witnesses are asked to call 999 if they see anyone doing it. Anyone with information should call 101 and leave a message for PC Smith.