Vodka drinker fell off moped twice

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A moped rider was nearly three-and-a-half times the drink-drive limit when he twice fell off his machine and later almost rode it into a car.

Darius Mazeika (28), of Hannam Boulevard, Spalding, had been drinking vodka at a friend’s house before a woman motorist saw him coming out of Aldi’s car park on his Keeway Hurrican and fall to the ground at about 3.30pm on July 8.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said: “He got back on it and, a bit further down St Thomas’s Road, fell off again.”

The woman phoned police because she was so concerned, but couldn’t stay at the scene because she had to collect a child from school.

A little while later the same woman saw Mazeika travelling towards Spalding Grammar School.

“He nearly collided with her, but didn’t,” said Mr Todd.

The woman again called police and they conducted an area search, finding Mazeika pushing his moped on London Road.

Mr Todd said a test showed Mazeika had 120 microgrammes of alcohol in breath – the legal limit is 35mcs.

Boston magistrates on Wednesday banned Mazeika from driving for 30 months and imposed a year-long community order with 175 hours unpaid work.

Mazeika, who pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol, must also pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Solicitor Mike Alexander, mitigating, said the law recognised driving big vehicles such as HGVs as an aggravating feature in drink-drive cases, but the converse must also be true – that it’s less serious to drive a moped after drinking.

Mr Alexander said: “The greatest risk, I would say, of driving a moped while in drink is to yourself. You are more likely to fall off and he did that twice.”

But Mr Alexander said he accepted there would remain an inherent risk to other road users.

Police didn’t see Mazeika riding the machine, as he was pushing it along when they found him, but he readily admitted he had ridden it.