Armed robbery victim Andy Goulding.
Armed robbery victim Andy Goulding.
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The victim of a violent armed wages snatch was in court as two men who pointed a gun in his face – and temporarily blinded him with CS spray – were each jailed for ten years.

Andy Goulding (46) thought he was going to die when three men burst in to the Wykeham Staff Services cabin in Swindler’s Drove, off Holbeach Road, Spalding, in July.

Kristaps Vilcins pointed a gun in Andy’s face – and Olegs Nikolajevs shot a burst of CS spray into his eyes.

Andy said: “I got up to defend myself, but couldn’t see what I was getting up against.”

Temporarily blind – with eyes burning – he was coshed twice on the head before he fell to the floor, where he was kicked.

Andy glanced only once at his attackers as they filed into court, but says the sentence has restored his faith.

He said: “My faith in the British justice system has been restored. You hear the stories on the TV about silly sentences but I think this one exactly matched what they deserved.”

Security at Wykeham Staff Services was stepped up after the £18,500 raid – and Andy has turned his own home into a fortress with five mortice locks on all the doors.

The courageous office worker hasn’t missed a single day’s work through the “life changing event” that has left him feeling unsafe, apart from going to court on Tuesday with his boss’s son, Trevor Payne.

Andy said: “I had a brief glance as they walked into court but that was the only time from start to finish that I actually looked. I saw the first one (Kristaps Vilcins) and that was just a face that’s burned into my memories – he was the one who pointed the gun in my face to begin with.”

He said support from his company and Spalding police has been fantastic – and he’s doing his best to carry on with his life.

“You have got to carry on otherwise they have won again,” said Andy.

Following the raid, his boss Martin Payne vowed there would be no cash kept on site again.

Spalding community police inspector Jim Tyner said: “This was a violent attack which shook the local community and could have left the victim far more seriously injured. The sentence handed down by Judge Heath reflects the seriousness of the offence and is a satisfying outcome for the officers who have worked hard in the case.”

He says police are “determined to rid our streets of those whose violent acts raise the fear of crime in our communities”.