UPDATE WEDNESDAY 10.20AM: Sutton Bridge store reopen after ATM raid

The scene after an ATM was ripped out of a wall at Co-op, Sutton Bridge, where a JCB teleporter was left behind. Photo by Tim Wilson.

A store in Sutton Bridge where raiders ripped out a cash machine with an agricultural digger has reopened to shoppers.

Trading has resumed at the Co-op in Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge, after staff were able to reopen to customers at 6.30pm last night.

The store reopened after a safety assessment by South Holland District Council while detectives continue their search for raiders who used a JCB teleporter to steal the ATM machine during the early hours of yesterday morning.

Police later found the ATM and a green pick-up truck linked to the raid, while the theft of number plates from two vehicles in Wood Lane, Long Sutton, are also thought to be connected to the incident.

Anyone with information about the ATM raid should call Spalding CID on 101, quoting incident reference 17 of May 24.

TUESDAY 5.25PM: Police rule out link between ATM raids in Sutton Bridge and Woodhall Spa

The scene soon after an ATM machine was attacked and removed from outside the Co-op, Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge. Photo supplied by Lincolnshire Police.

Police hunting raiders who tore a cash machine from outside a shop in Sutton Bridge are not linking it with another raid in Lincolnshire at the weekend.

Raiders used a JCB teleporter to rip out an ATM machine from the wall of the Co-op store in Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge, shortly before 2.30am this morning.

But a Lincolnshire Police spokesman said detectives in charge of the case are treating it separately from the theft of a cash machine inside an old telephone box in The Broadway, Woodhall Spa, on Saturday.

In both cases, no cash was stolen and the incidents followed recent raids on ATM machines in Caistor last month and a Spar store in Long Sutton last October.

TUESDAY 11.40AM: Joint police operation to hunt down Sutton Bridge ATM raiders

Detectives from two police forces have teamed up in the hunt for raiders who ripped a cash machine out of a store in Sutton Bridge earlier today.

Raiders targeted an ATM outside the Co-Op in Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge, at about 2.26am this morning.

A resident living nearby notified police who arrived to find that the cash machine had been stolen and a teleporter vehicle left behind.

Police believe that two other vehicles, a black Audi and a green pick-up truck, were also involved in the raid.

The stolen ATM was later found in a rural location east of Peterborough still intact, along with the green pick-up truck, and both have been recovered for forensic tests.

Detective Inspector Dave Rimmer of Spalding CID, said; “Due to the help of the public and concerted, joint efforts between Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire Police forces, we have stopped the offenders getting away with any money.

“However, the damage they caused is not to be underestimated and we will continue to investigate all of these offences to identify the suspects.” Meanwhile, police are investigating the theft of a green Mitsubishi L200 from Kirkby Underwood, near Bourne, which they believe was the pick-up truck used in the incident.

Detectives also believe the theft of number plates from two vehicles in Wood Lane, Long Sutton, may be connected to the raid.

DI Rimmer said; “It is crucial for us to get early calls from witnesses with as much detail as possible, so I appeal to anyone who thinks they saw any suspicious activity or vehicles in the area last night (Monday) to get in touch.”

The Co-op store is currently closed but Lincolnshire Co-op is working to get it reopened as soon as possible.

However, the building will be subject to a safety assessment by a team from South Holland District Council’s building and planning control department.

Anyone with information about the ATM raid should call Spalding CID on 101, quoting incident reference 17 of May 24.

TUESDAY 9.45AM: ATM raid at Sutton Bridge store with ‘big teleporter’

Police at the scene of a cash machine raid at a store in Sutton Bridge are examining a piece of farm machinery left behind by the gang involved.

It is believed that a JCB teleporter left outside the Co-operative store in Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge, was used to pull out the ATM and a piece of wall it was attached to.

A resident living nearby, whose name has been withheld, said: “The JCB has left a big hole in the wall and you can see into the shop from the street.

“They have gone straight through the fence and straight into the wall.

“They have taken the wall out with the cash machine in it.

“There’s a big teleporter or JCB still there.”

The resident was in bed when she heard a loud bang from outside a little after 2am.

She didn’t discover what it was at the time but then police arrived.

The resident told us: “When I got back into bed, I could see these lights going round on my curtains and there were police down there at the shop.”

She discovered later that a resident had alerted the police.

Anyone with information should call 101.

TUESDAY 9.20AM: Attempted theft of cash machine in Sutton Bridge

There are reports this morning of an attempted theft of an ATM machine from the wall outside a foodstore in Sutton Bridge.

The incident took place outside the Co-operative Foodstore in Bridge Road some time between last night and the early hours of this morning.

More details as soon as we have them.

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