UPDATE SUNDAY 3PM: Irish travellers leave Spalding for Cumbria horse fair

Some of the caravans that moved onto Victoria Street car park, Spalding, on Thursday night.
Some of the caravans that moved onto Victoria Street car park, Spalding, on Thursday night.
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At least ten families of Irish travellers have left Spalding after a three-night stay in a town centre car park.

A convoy of at least 20 caravans and horse boxes left Victoria Street car park at about 2.40pm today, with plans to visit the Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria which starts on Thursday.

Drivers were forced to use car parking bays near Sainsbury’s supermarket after the travellers arrived on Thursday night.

In a statement on Friday, South Holland District Council said it was working to move the travellers on “as quickly as possible”.

SATURDAY 3.45PM: Irish travellers in Spalding ‘not here to cause trouble’

A group of Irish travellers are set to spend their third and final night on a Spalding car park, before leaving town tomorrow.

About ten families from Ireland brought their caravans onto Victoria Street car park on Thursday night, leaving South Holland District Council with no choice but to close it until Monday.

However, a spokesman for the families said they have been treated well by people in the town and have enjoyed their stay here so far.

John Kelly from County Limmerick said: “There are very, very nice people here and we haven’t caused anybody any harm.”

A council spokesman said: “We have closed Victoria Street car park and enforcement officers are working with caravan owners to move them on as quickly as possible.”

FRIDAY 1.20PM: Travellers force closure of Spalding car park

A group of travellers have turned up on a Spalding car park, forcing its closure until Monday.

At least 20 caravans arrived at Victoria Street car park, near Spalding Library, yesterday evening and South Holland District Council are working to resolve the issue.

A statement on the council’s website said: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Victoria Street car park is closed until June 1.

“Alternative free car parking is being provided at Shed 5, off Sainsbury’s Roundabout, Kings Road, Spalding.”

Meanwhile, a Lincolnshire Police spokesman added: “There are a number of vehicles that moved on to the site yesterday evening.

“South Holland District Council will advise us about any further course of action.”