UPDATE: Men left in refrigerated lorry

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Suspected illegal immigrants had spent hours inside a refrigerated lorry before being arrested in Spalding.

Police attended the Texaco petrol station on the A16/A151 roundabout at about 2pm on Wednesday after reports of banging coming from inside the lorry.

They found five adult males, and one 17-year-old male youth, all from Iran, who were arrested on suspicion of having entered the UK illegally and were subsequently taken to Skegness Police Station for handover to the UK Border Agency.

A UK Border Agency spokesperson said: “When suspected illegal immigrants found on lorries are detained by police, our officers attend quickly.

“We work closely with police to tackle illegal immigration and immigration crime. When someone is found to have no legal right to remain in the UK we take action to remove them.”

It is understood that the contents of the lorry, believed to be fruit, will be destroyed