Two years
of living hell

Insp Jim Tyner doesn't want to discourage other victims from reporting their concerns to police.
Insp Jim Tyner doesn't want to discourage other victims from reporting their concerns to police.
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A father-of-three from Holbeach is pleading for help from the courts and police to end a two-year campaign of harassment and intimidation against his family.

Declan Doyne has kept a diary of incidents since his son Callum (21) was punched and headbutted in an unprovoked attack during a night out in October 2012.

Since then, Declan claims one of his son’s cars has been vandalised, their front door has been kicked in and his family has been subjected to verbal abuse in the street.

Declan said: “My son Callum reported an assault on him to the police in October 2012 so when his attacker was arrested and given a police caution, we thought that would be the end of it.

“But it’s just gone on from there with at least 18 incidents, including an assault on me about ten months ago when I was at a service station filling up a can of petrol for a lawn mower and someone just shoulder-barged me for no reason.

“We’ve had someone trying to kick the door in at our house and the most recent incident has seen my daughter Shannon (19) verbally abused and spat at in the face, while Callum has been followed by people near our home.

“It’s making our life hell, we can’t sleep at night and the worst part of it is that we can’t go out without thinking ‘when are they going to bring it up to another level?’

Declan estimated the amount of damage done to his and his older son Leon’s (22) cars to be about £20,000.

As a result, the family has installed CCTV surveillance cameras in and around the house to record any future acts of vandalism, verbal abuse and violence.

Declan said: “We’re originally from Berkshire and we’ve been living in Lincolnshire for about nine years, including four years in our current home.

“For the first two years, we had no problems but now it feels like we’re being driven out of our home, even though we’re the ones who have been witnesses for the police and courts.

“We want to keep inside of the law but it’s obvious that this is a case of harassment.”

Insp Jim Tyner, community policing inspector for South Holland, said: “This case shows the devastating effect that sustained anti-social behaviour can have on victims.

“This is always regrettable and so to ensure that our decision-making is robust and based on all the available evidence, cases such as this are reviewed by an independent decision-maker and an expert on anti-social behaviour.

“While I will not comment on individual cases, sometimes, despite positive action and prosecutions, the victims still feel let down.

“However, I would not want this to discourage other victims from reporting their concerns to us.”