Tracking down town’s speeders

Speeders are being targeted in Long Sutton.
Speeders are being targeted in Long Sutton.
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Long Sutton may get six electronic signs as a first step towards tackling speeding and anti-social driving in the town.

And a private security firm could be brought in to help bring offenders to account.

The parish council on Thursday set £15,000 aside to pay for signs that measure vehicle speed and collect data for county highways and police.

The county council has offered to put up posts for the signs – and the signs will be switched from place to place so hot spots can be identified.

Jack Tyrrell, the parish council vice-chairman, is part of a seven-strong group waging war on speeding, anti-social driving and drink-driving.

Coun Tyrrell said the parish council’s stance on anti-social driving – and its £15,000 pledge – is a good first step.

He said: “As a group, it’s more than we imagined we would get as a starting ground, but we are after more.

“We want to clean up the town one way or another.”

Coun Tyrrell said the parish council used to employ a security firm and it’s possible they may go back to that and ask the firm to report offenders.

He said: “We just need to be safe again and, at the end of the day, there’s accidents nearly every week and it’s just stupid.”