Teaching assistant jailed after having sex with girl

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A TEACHING assistant was jailed after a court heard how he seduced a 15 year old girl just three weeks before he was due to marry his pregnant fiancee.

Martin Moon (25), of High Street, Gosberton, appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on Friday where it was revealed that he made contact with a girl by Facebook offering her his mobile number.

Then, after he got her number, he began texting her and on Valentines’ Day told her he loved her.

David Herbert, prosecuting, told the court that Moon made flattering comments towards the girl and arranged to stay the night with the girl at what her told her was a friend’s flat.

Mr Herbert said “It was the flat where he lived with his partner. She had gone away for several days.

“He picked her up from college and took her to the flat. Once there he hugged and kissed her and then took her into the bedroom . They got into bed and had sex.”

The girl then stayed the night at the flat and the following morning he took her home.

Mr Herbert said: “Afterwards his manner towards her changed dramatically. She continued to text him but he was short in his replies , if he replied at all.

“He then texted her to say they could never be together as he had got married. That was news to the girl as he had told her he was single.”

The relationship began to be talked about by the girl’s friends and as a result staff at her school became aware.

Then, just 13 days after his wedding, Moon was arrested. He agreed he had sent “highly inappropriate” text messages to the girl but denied having sex with her.

But in court Moon admitted sexual activity with a child on 17 February 2010. He was jailed for two and a half years and placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “At the time you were engaged to be married and your fiancee was carrying your child. You told that young girl you were single.

“It is quite plain that you used her to satisfy your own lust without any consideration for the harm you were causing or the impact on her. You then dropped her and told her you couldn’t be together. This was a serious incident that was engineered by you.”

Gordon Aspden, defending, described theoffence as an isolated one-off incident.

“This wasn’t systematic abuse or sexual contact on a number of occasions. He felt so bad about it afterwards that he didn’t want to do anything else with her. He felt disgusted at what he had done.”

Mr Aspden said that Moon’s career in teaching is finished and he is now estranged from his wife who has taken their child to live with her mother.