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A FORMER heroin addict is to be electronically tagged after admitting using a stolen card to withdraw £1,000 from cash machines.

Adrian Van Emmerick will also have to abide by a strict 7pm to 7am curfew for four months and pay £500 compensation after Spalding magistrates heard he was found in possession of two watches which were among an estimated £3,000 haul stolen from a couple’s home while they were away on holiday.

The burglary left the woman in her 60s “unnerved” and afraid to leave her home for long in case it was burgled again.

Van Emmerick (51), of Harrox Road, Moulton, appeared in court on Tuesday where he admitted receiving stolen goods and four counts of theft relating to four £250 withdrawals from ATMs in Spalding and Peterborough.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, told the court that Van Emmerick was caught after his car was seen on CCTV images from the cash machines he used to withdraw the cash.

In mitigation, David Lee said Van Emmerick, who took heroin for ten years but has been on a methadone programme for the last three and put his history of offending behind him, had been given the watches and the cash card by a third party, who asked him to make the cash withdrawals in exchange for £50 each time.

Van Emmerick was ordered to pay £85 costs.