Swearing ‘around’ police officers

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A man who was urging police to put a stop to a fight ended up under arrest himself for being drunk and disorderly.

Daniel Waudby (22), of no fixed address, approached police near the Burghley Arms in Bourne at about 2.45am on May 12.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said one police officer described hearing “a loud male voice” saying there was a fight on the main road and asking what they were going to do about it.

The officer checked both directions from where he was standing and saw nothing.

Waudby remained at the scene being loud and abusive.

Miss Stace said the officer warned Waudby that he would be arrested if he continued that behaviour.

Waudby and others with him moved off and the officers followed, eventually arresting Waudby.

Miss Stace said Waudby declined a fixed penalty ticket.

In court Waudby, who was not legally represented, pleaded guilty and told magistrates he did swear “around” the police officer but not “at him”.

He said: “I personally didn’t think I had done anything wrong. It wasn’t because I thought of myself as above the law or anything.”

Magistrates fined him £35 and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.