Supermarket employee stole £850 at work

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A supermarket checkout operator stole £850 from her Spalding employers, Sainsbury’s, by repeatedly crediting a gift card.

As a result of the theft, Laura Crowson (24) lost her boyfriend and left her family feeling “disgusted with her”, magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Nick Todd told the court: “Miss Crowson has no convictions or cautions recorded against her but the police would not consider a caution in this case because this is a breach of trust.”

He said between December 21 and February 11, Crowson paid credits onto a store card – a gift card – initially in amounts of £10, but then started paying larger sums onto the card.

The store carried out an investigation, brought in police and Crowson was arrested.

Mr Todd said: “To her credit she made a full and frank admission.”

He said Sainsbury’s were making their own arrangements to recover the money.

Solicitor Daven Naghen, mitigating, said Crowson’s first reaction when he saw her that day was to burst into tears.

He said: “She is a young lady who has never been before the police or the courts before.

“She is a young lady who has made a mistake.

“She’s been prescribed drugs for anxiety and depression. She struggles to leave the house. As a result of this matter, she has lost her boyfriend and her family are disgusted with her.”

He said Crowson had lost her job and is repaying more than she stole because Sainsbury’s are charging her the costs of their investigation.

Mr Naghen described Crowson as “somebody who has learned her lesson” and asked the court to consider a conditional discharge as she was a first-time offender who had made admissions both to the police and her employer.

Crowson, of Spalding Common, Spalding, pleaded guilty to theft and was conditionally discharged for two years with an order to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.