Strong support for immigration protest march

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THE MAN behind a march against immigration says his event has had strong support in South Holland, and he expects many people from the area will join his protest.

Dean Everitt, from Wyberton, says he wants to take a stand against the high level of immigration over the past decade – and has more than 2,500 people supporting plans for a march in Boston on social networking site Facebook.

Mr Everitt says the protest, set to take place on November 19, has struck a chord here too.

He said: “I’ve had a lot of people from Spalding say ‘Well done, Spalding’s as bad as Boston now’ and I can well believe that. They’ve said: ‘I wish somebody would do it here’.

“I expect people from Spalding will come, in fact I expect people from all over the country.”

Mr Everitt is working with police and insists he wants a peaceful protest to the authorities, and does not want anything to do with right wing groups such as the British National Party and the English Defence League.

He said: “We are getting the racist sticks thrown at us at the moment but it is not racist to want a better future for your kids.

“We are not talking about a particular group or nationality and we want nothing to do with the BNP or the EDL.

“If you try to speak to anyone about immigration they run – nobody is prepared to do anything. This is not about immigrants it is about immigration.”

Mr Everitt used to work as a plasterer but says he lost his job to Eastern European workers who were prepared to work for lower pay.

His protest comes after a Mail On Sunday piece by Peter Hitchens which described the town as “Boston Lincolngrad” – which argued politicians were to blame for not controlling the system.

Mr Everitt agrees and said he sympathises with the migrants.

He added: “To be honest, with the way many of them are living - sharing beds and living to work, they don’t have a life. They work long hours for little money and I feel sorry for them – they are being taken advantage of.”

Police say they back the democratic right for people to protest but will clamp down on any comments posted online that incite racial hatred.