Stop making it easy for ‘bold’ thieves

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HOMEOWNERS are being warned to stop making it “easy” for opportunist thieves to commit crimes which could have been avoided.

Police say garages, sheds and homes are being left insecure – inviting “brave and bold” thieves to take advantage of whatever they can get their hands on.

The warning has come following a spate of thefts across South Holland, where items stolen have included a car and trailer.

Sgt Stuart Brotherton, from Spalding Police Station, said: “Please take time to think. Most of the advice is pure common sense. People have a lot of things to think about at Christmas and it’s hard for everyone, but I am sorry a lot of you are making things easy.

“We are being left to sweep up. It’s officer time taken to deal with things that could be avoided.”

In one “alarming” incident in Millgate, Whaplode, Sgt Brotherton said someone walked into a property one afternoon while the owner was inside.

Keys to the car, house and garage were taken from the kitchen and the thief disappeared with a Ifor Williams trailer and a Ford Focus, registration Y831 HRA.

“This a particularly alarming crime and a great loss for the victim,” said Sgt Brotherton. “Not only have they lost their keys but their car and other items.

“The simple fact is this has happened during a 40 minute window of opportunity and someone has been brave and bold enough to run the risk of being caught in the act.”

Between December 10 and 13, five thefts have also been made in Whaplode from insecure garages and sheds in Golden Harvester Way, Stockwell Gate and The Tilney.

Last week in Spalding, a purse was taken from a home in Albert Street, while the contents of a handbag were taken from another home in Forge Close.

In both incidents, doors and windows had been left insecure.

Homeowners are advised to keep doors and windows locked, not to leave Christmas presents on show, and to put packaging from presents either in a black bag or to take it to a recycling centre.