Stole spoiler from driving instructor

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A driver wrecked his front ‘boy racer spoiler’ when he hit a badger and replaced the part by stealing from a driving instructor’s car.

Jack Bavin (20) gave police an easy trail to follow because he left blood on the bumper of the car owned by Mark Allen, magistrates heard.

Bavin, formerly of Spalding and now living at Counter Drain, Tongue End, pleaded guilty to theft and was ordered by the court in Boston on Wednesday to pay £450 compensation to Mr Allen.

He was also conditionally discharged for 18 months and must pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said the driving instructor had a Vauxhall Corsa and Bavin had an identical car, fitted with what he would refer to as ‘a boy racer spoiler’.

He said Bavin damaged his spoiler when he hit some wildlife and, because he had no money to buy one, removed the spoiler from Mr Allen’s car.

Mr Todd said: “He was caught because when he took the spoiler off the Allen car he left some of his blood on the remaining part of the bumper.”

Solicitor Daven Naghen, mitigating, said Bavin’s splitter came off when he hit a badger.

He was driving a limited edition Vauxhall Corsa and saw Mr Allen’s car had an identical splitter and thought “that will go on my car”.

Mr Naghen said: “It didn’t take a great deal of work for the police to find him.”

He said Bavin was a young man who had never before appeared in court.

“He loses his good character by his appearance today,” said Mr Naghen.