Stole razors ten minutes after being caught for attempt theft

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A man stole razors and blades worth £50 from Boots in Spalding just ten minutes after he was discovered trying to steal a kettle from Homebase.

Jobless Mantas Kizevicius (23) hoped to sell the items to fund his heroin addiction, Spalding magistrates heard.

Kizevicius went into Homebase in Westlode Street at 3pm on April 11, picked up a £49.99 kettle and took it out of its box before placing it in his bag.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said store staff challenged him and he put the kettle back.

Kizevicius was asked to go the office, but he refused to do so and walked out of the store.

Ten minutes later he went into Boots in Hall Place, picked up razors and blades and hid them about his person.

Miss Stace said when staff approached, Kizevicius said he had nothing on him but he was detained as he left by Sgt Stuart Hurst.

She said his only previous convictions were for driving matters last year.

Solicitor Carrie Simson, mitigating, said Kizevicius had a broken leg at the time, wasn’t working and had problems with heroin.

He hoped to sell the items to fund his addiction and acted out of desperation.

Mrs Simson said Kizevicius has since sought help and has been given a prescription for the heroin substitute, methadone.

She said the prescription had worked successfully for the past week.

“That might not sound like much but for him seven days are a long time,” Mrs Simson said.

Kizevicius, of Heron Way, Spalding, pleaded guilty to attempted theft and theft and was fined £80 on each offence. He must also pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.