Stole mobile phone from friend’s house

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A young woman stole a mobile phone from her friend’s home and used it to call family and friends.

Shelley-Anne Dooney (23), of Cranmore Lane, Holbeach, pleaded not guilty to the offence when she appeared in court in November last year and the case was set down for trial.

But she changed her plea to guilty and magistrates on Thursday adjourned sentence to May 23 for a probation report.

The phone belonged to Lincolnshire Field Products and was used by a driver, Geoffrey Blanchard, who kept it at home when not at work.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, told the court the phone was stolen in June last year and an analysis of the call log showed Dooney had made 53 telephone calls to people including her ex-partner and grandmother.

Miss Stace said there was an application for £127.44 compensation for the cost of the phone and the calls.

Solicitor Carrie Simson, mitigating, said Dooney admitted the theft was “a stupid mistake” and it happened at a very difficult time in her life.

Mrs Simson said Dooney was sorry for not speaking up sooner.

She told the court Dooney had kept out of trouble for a year.

“She has a very supportive family network around her,” Mrs Simson told magistrates. “I am going to ask you to go outside your guidelines and impose a conditional discharge for a period you see fit.”