Stole case of wine from unlocked car in street

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JOBLESS Lewis East helped himself to a case of wine after watching a couple walk away from their unlocked car, Spalding magistrates heard.

East (20), of St Thomas’s Road, Spalding, pleaded guilty to stealing 12 bottles of wine worth £35.88 belonging to Jean Hancock.

Magistrates on Thursday gave him a year-long conditional discharge with an order to pay £35.88 compensation. There was no order for costs because of his limited means.

Prosecutor Jill Derby said Mrs Hancock and her husband parked in Swan Street, Spalding, at 2.40pm on May 15 and walked away, failing to lock the car.

East waited until they were out of sight and stole their wine.

Solicitor Mike Alexander, mitigating, said East had no money at the time of the theft.

He has since been ill with a twisted bowel and spent the last three weeks in hospital.