Steps to replace vandalised football dugouts at Sutton St James

The vandalised dugouts at Hoyles Field.
The vandalised dugouts at Hoyles Field.
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New dugouts could be put up at Hoyles Field after vandals trashed the existing ones used by Sutton St James Football Club.

Pictures of the wrecked dugouts were tweeted by @SSJFC with the message: “As a club and community we keep trying to improve our facilities, pitch and surrounding area. Apparently some people do not like it.”

The parish Council heard a “generous benefactor” offered to build brick dugouts, free of charge, if someone else buys the materials.

Parish council chairman Bill Harrison said brick built dugouts will need planning consent and he felt it would be better if the new structures were moveable.

He told members: “I think bricks are a bit over the top.”

The parish council decided to wait to see how plans unfold.

Hoyles Field on Draw Dyke is run by a committee for the benefit of the village.

Mike Milchard, from the committee, told us: “Volunteers do their best to provide facilities for the village of Sutton St James to enjoy and once again it is a mindless minority who seem to think it is great fun to cause costly damage.”

The parish council has been asked to look at providing “dirt jumps” for mountain bikes there.

Members were generally in favour but decided to investigate issues like insurance before making a final decision.

Coun Harrison said: “It’s another thing we could do at reasonable cost.”

Coun Gary Richardson said he’d built mountain bike tracks elsewhere and “they are used all the while”.

He asked the parish council to consider providing a basketball hoop on the site and that, too, will be investigated.

He also believes the field needs more litter bins.

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