Squatters and vandals are trashing The Bridge Hotel

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Residents in Sutton Bridge are concerned about squatters and vandals trashing The Bridge Hotel.

Windows facing West Bank have been smashed – one reportedly with a chair being thrown out of the hotel – and glass remaining in the frames poses a threat of falling on passers-by.

Jenny Rowe wants the hotel protected so it can be given a new lease of life.

Jenny Rowe wants the hotel protected so it can be given a new lease of life.

Parish councillor and resident Jenny Rowe said the windows have only been half boarded-up, leaving broken glass precariously hanging over the pavement, and bits of glass have been left on the windowsills and ground.

Mrs Rowe said residents have seen movement on the top floor of the hotel and bank statements in foreign names have been found in the streets with the hotel given as their address.

She said: “It’s got seven smashed windows in it.

“The parish council and myself have contacted the agent and said you really need to get it boarded up to stop people getting in there.”

Police were called to the hotel on November 25, when it’s understood a fire escape door at the back of the hotel was boarded up to stop people going inside.

Mrs Rowe said: “It is not a listed building but it is a building of historic interest and, really, The Bridge Hotel has always been the flagship in the village.”

Mrs Rowe wants the hotel made safe so it can one day be restored by a new owner.

She said the building recently went into an auction, but didn’t make its reserve price.

The 21-bedroom hotel sold at auction in 2010 for £195,000, but is now on the market with Davey and Co with an asking price of £395,000.

Davey and Co said it is not responsible for maintaining the hotel, but details of the damage have been passed to the owner.

Police say they are keeping an eye on the hotel.