Speed epidemic as 50,000-plus drivers caught

Thousands of motorists are speeding in Lincolnshire. ANL-140627-162246001
Thousands of motorists are speeding in Lincolnshire. ANL-140627-162246001
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More than 50,000 drivers were caught speeding in Lincolnshire last year – 12,000 more than the combined populations of Spalding and Holbeach.

Road safety chiefs say the number is 2,241 up on 2012 and warn that excessive speed is one of the main factors in fatal or serious injury crashes.

John Siddle, of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “The increase in drivers breaking the speed limit is initially a concern, but there has been a significant reduction in ‘high end’ offenders – those that purposely drive significantly above the speed limit.

“Driving at excessive speed is one of the main contributory factors in collisions that involve death or serious injury investigated in this county. It stands to reason that as speed goes up, the severity of any collision will increase.

“There are people that will argue this stance and believe we should drive at what speed we choose, however Newton’s Law will always prevail.”

Mr Siddle is urging parish councils to sign up to Community Speed Watch (CSW) to tackle “non-safety critical speeding issues” by putting up passive or reactive signs to persuade motorists to slow down.

He said: “This will not replace the enforcement that is currently carried out but gives parishes and communities the opportunity to take an active role in the management of speed in their areas.”

So far take up is slow.

Mr Siddle said: “Although parish councils and communities have been written to only a few have responded, despite residents having concerns in their areas.”

n Parish councils who want to know more about CSW can call Andy Trevithick on 01522 805800 or email staying.alive@lincolnshire.gov.uk