Spalding United hit by third burglary

Tulips boss Andy Gay in shock over another burglary.
Tulips boss Andy Gay in shock over another burglary.
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Spalding United has been targeted again by burglars who are thought to have cleared all of the cellar stock ahead of tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) big game against AFC Rushden & Diamonds.

Tulips chairman Andy Gay was on the brink of quitting last Monday after the club had entry gates smashed and two burglaries within 15 days.

He changed his mind, saying if he left the crooks targeting the club would have won, but now he’s again considering his future with the club.

Andy was working in Cambridgeshire today when news of the latest break-in reached him.

A contractor who has sponsored a state of the art alarm system had wired most of the windows at the clubhouse, but hadn’t reached the window to the cellar where it’s thought the burglars entered and left.

“To be honest, at this moment, I could sit and roar (cry),” said Andy. “I really feel very down. At the end of the day, I have got to give it 48 hours and see how I feel.”

News of the previous break-ins prompted a wave of support for Andy and the Spalding team, including the offer by the contractor who is sponsoring and fitting an alarm linked straight to Spalding Police Station.

But the latest raid has put Andy in a tough spot.

He says: “They (the burglars) have stole the stock and we have got a big game tomorrow night.

“There’s no money left in the social club to buy the stock for tomorrow – which means if I am going to stock it, I am going to have to fund it personally from my own pocket and that’s not what I am a volunteer for.”

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