Sold stolen razor blades

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A MAN trying to raise cash by stealing razor blades was caught on CCTV cameras at Long Sutton Co-op.

Christopher Baggaley helped himself to six packs of women’s Venus razor blades – worth a total of £59.94 – and headed for the exit on August 4.

Christopher Knowles, prosecuting, said Baggaley dropped one pack, which a customer picked up and handed back to him, and a second, which he picked up himself and placed in his own bag.

Mr Knowles said Baggaley was perfectly frank in his police interview, saying he sold the items.

Baggaley, of Hospital Road, Terrington St Clement, was conditionally discharged for a year when he pleaded guilty to theft and ordered to pay £59.94 compensation to the Co-op and £85 costs.

Solicitor Anita Toal, mitigating, told Spalding magistrates on Thursday that Baggaley and his girlfriend had fallen on hard times and Baggaley “foolishly decided to steal these items to raise a small amount of cash”.