Shoplifter told to deal with addiction

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MAGISTRATES ordered a woman shoplifter to undertake treatment for her alcohol addiction after hearing she was drunk when she stole groceries worth £34.56 from Sainsbury’s in Spalding.

Klaudia Papaioannou (45), of Lansdowne Court, Spalding, drank a litre of Lambrini and a can of beer before going to the Holland Market store on May 7

Her solicitor, Mike Alexander, said she had no real recollection of the offence and had placed lamb amongst the items when she didn’t even eat lamb.

Papaioannou pleaded guilty to theft at a previous hearing and appeared in court for sentence on Thursday.

She was given a year-long community order with supervision and must undertake treatment for her alcohol problem for six months.

Papaioannou was asked if she consented to the treatment order and told the court: “Yes. I would like to take it, please.”