Shop owner hits out at police after raid

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SPALDING computer shop boss Martin Murphy has hit out at police for failing to send scenes of crime officers to his business on the day burglars stole £100.

Raiders filed through iron bars on a window at the back of the Holbeach Road shop and smashed the glass to get inside at 6am on Tuesday.

Mr Murphy discovered the break-in shortly after 10am and reported it to police.

An officer attended but Mr Murphy says he lost a day’s business because he was told to preserve the scene of crime – the area behind the counter – until police experts called to gather evidence.

But the experts didn’t turn up and he had to have the window fixed at 6pm to help prevent a second raid.

Mr Murphy said: “It’s probably more annoying the way I have been treated by police than actually being burgled.”

The shop owner has a piece of paper with one of the intruder’s footprints on it and his neighbour heard three men talking around the time of the break-in.

Speaking yesterday morning, Mr Murphy said police hadn’t collected the paper with the footprint or spoken to his neighbour.

An expert who re-set the alarm told him the time of the raid.

Mr Murphy said he will no longer keep cash on the premises. Much of the money stolen was loose change.

Police press spokesman Nerys McGarry said: “We always try to get there as quickly as we can.

“There’s only so many scenes of crime officers and they have to prioritise.”

She said Mr Murphy should have been told if scenes of crime could not attend that day.