Sex offender fined for failing to report holiday abroad

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A man convicted of trying to video a naked child failed to comply with the Sex Offenders Register by not telling police he was going on holiday to Majorca.

Alarms were triggered when Darren Woolley (34), of Severn Road, Spalding, returned to Gatwick Airport and the UK Border Agency sent an email to police, Spalding magistrates heard.

Offenders must also complete a “periodic notification”, but Woolley failed to do that in November, prosecutor Allison Cunningham said.

Woolley was fined £275 for each offence when he pleaded guilty at Thursday’s hearing.

He must pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Mrs Cunningham said Woolley appeared at Spalding Magistrates’ Court on December 4, 2007 for voyeurism.

Solicitor David Lee, mitigating, said there had been no new sexual offences since that date.

Woolley knew he should have reported the holiday and went to the police station to pick up the forms, but forgot to hand them in because of pressure of work.

Due to a law change, Woolley filled in more forms to comply with the register earlier this year and believed that meant he didn’t have to do the periodic notification. Both matters were down to forgetfulness and “perhaps negligence”.