Sent threats by text to his former partner

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A jealous ex sent creepy and threatening texts to his former partner who wants nothing more to do with him.

In one message Andrew Crompton threatened Anne Kelk she would lose her job and if she didn’t communicate with him that night she would be “screwed”.

Crompton (31), of Fen Road, Holbeach, also posted derogatory comments about Ms Kelk on his Facebook home page, magistrates heard.

Tracey Ross, prosecuting, said Ms Kelk went to police at the end of June to complain and the texts stopped after police gave him a harassment warning.

But Crompton started sending texts again in August.

In a second statement to police, Ms Kelk said his latest texts were initially “creepy rather than abusive” and he was saying he had changed and she should give him another chance.

Ms Kelk continued: “I have no intention of giving it another go with Andrew. I would not entertain the idea.”

Miss Ross gave details of accusations and threats made in messages sent between August 23 and August 28 this year, including an allegation about her personal life and the one threatening she would lose her job.

She said Crompton and Ms Kelk had been together for nine years, split up about three years ago and Ms Kelk believed he did not want to let go.

Ms Kelk told police: “I feel harassed by the number and content of the messages Andrew is sending me.

“He has no idea of the effect he is having on me by sending such texts.

“I have had enough and I want it to stop.”

Ms Kelk said Crompton told police he was sometimes jealous of his ex-partner and sent the messages in the hope of receiving a reaction from her.

Crompton pleaded guilty to harassment at Thursday’s hearing and sentence was adjourned for a probation report to Friday, October 11 at Grantham Magistrates’ Court.

Solicitor Anita Toal, mitigating, said the offence sprang from an issue between the pair that Crompton could not resolve without going to a lawyer, but he could not afford the fee. She said Crompton was a man of previous good character.