Schoolboys in town centre ‘gun’ drama

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POLICE are stepping up patrols this week after two schoolboys in Spalding’s Winsover Road believe they saw a man with a gun on Friday.

The 14-year-old pupils at Sir John Gleed School were walking along shortly after 8am when a dirty white van slowed near them and the driver spoke.

A police spokesman said: “The boys thought they saw a firearm in the vehicle and we are currently investigating.

“Nobody was injured during the incident and we would appeal for anyone who saw anything suspicious in that area this morning to contact Lincolnshire Police.”

Police said yesterday CCTV had been checked but there was no conclusive evidence of a firearm involved.

Patrols would be stepped up every morning this week to help reassure the public.

Sir John Gleed headteacher Janet Daniels said the boys went to school, reported the incident and it was immediately placed in police hands.

She said the boys were extensively interviewed by the police and went home afterwards, rather than returning to school, because they were “very shaken up” by what they saw.

It is understood the boys returned to school yesterday.

Mrs Daniels said: “It is a very unfortunate incident.”

She said the school has strong support networks to look after pupils but always tries to get things back to normality for them as quickly as possible.