Road accident: Lithuanian ‘unaware’ of English driving laws

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A WOMAN banged on the bonnet of another car after its driver crashed into her car at Pinchbeck because the driver looked as if he was going to drive off.

But the driver, Andrius Vysniauskas, got out with his passenger and they walked off, Spalding magistrates heard.

Vysniauskas (32), of Acacia Avenue, Spalding, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention, driving without insurance and failing to stop after an accident when he appeared in court on Thursday.

He was ordered to pay a total of £508 in fines and costs and had his licence endorsed with six penalty points for the no insurance offence.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said the accident happened at the junction of Church Street and Knight Street on the morning of March 27.

Solicitor David Lee, mitigating, said Vysniauskas was not familiar with the driving laws in this country.

In Lithuania, a driver is insured if the owner is insured and allows someone else to drive the car. Because the owner of the car was insured Vysniauskas thought he was.

Mr Lee said Vysniauskas was shaken after the accident and panicked.

Presiding magistrate Jim Price told Vysniauskas: “You need to make yourself aware of the driving laws in this country. It’s different here from there.”