Rise and shine to follow us live on police Tweet Beat

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You’ve said there are not enough bobbies on the streets of Spalding, but maybe it’s just you don’t know where they are and what they are doing.

Police have been experimenting using Twitter on patrol over the past few days, tweeting burglaries and other crimes within minutes of incidents being reported to them.

To help with the trial, the Lincolnshire Free Press is joining police officers for a live Tweet Beat around the town, starting at breakfast time on Friday.

You will be able to follow us @LFP_Chrissie from 7am as we join police on a normal shift answering calls from the public.

Ins Jim Tyner said: “Effective engagement with our communities is at the heart of community policing. Using social media is simply a different way of engaging with people in South Holland who may not normally come in to contact with my officers.

“For the past few days we have been experimenting with using Twitter while on patrol.

“If this is successful, this is another way of keeping residents informed about how we are tackling the issues that they tell us matter the most to them.

“For example, a PCSO on patrol can instantly inform hundreds of people of what they are doing. It is also a way of instantly passing out observations messages about suspicious vehicles, etc.

“The use of social media does not replace the traditional forms of communication. My officers are out there on foot, on bicycles and in cars in all weathers. This is a way of broadcasting that fact.”