Repairs to road set to start in early August

Rose Lane/Spalding Road, Pinchbeck'Pot holes
Rose Lane/Spalding Road, Pinchbeck'Pot holes
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A Pinchbeck resident has expressed his sympathy for a migrant worker fined for riding on the pavement because he says a road near his home is a potential deathtrap.

Polish woman Monika Nowak was stopped by police along Pinchbeck Road as part of Operation Oatmeal which caught 100 cyclists breaking the law last month.

Monika, who was fined £30, spoke to the Spalding Guardian’s sister paper, 
the Lincolnshire Free Press, on behalf of her work colleagues who were also stopped because she said they only used the pavement because they did not feel safe on the road and there was a break in the cycle route.

In spite of the area’s migrant 
workers rarely speaking 
out about their concerns, her story attracted little sympathy from readers.

However, one local resident said it was time the Spalding Guardian did a follow-up on the story and went to the village to see exactly how dangerous the roads in the area are.

John Lyon said he complained to Lincolnshire County Council six weeks ago about potholes on a roundabout at the Rose Lane junction with Spalding Road, opposite St Mary’s Church.

Mr Lyon (68) said: “I’m not one for getting into a public debate on things in the paper, but after reading some of the comments on the story about the Polish lady who was fined for riding on the pavements, there comes a time when you have to speak out.

“She said she and her colleagues want to abide by the law but they also want to be safe and I think she has a point.

“You only have to look at the potholes on this roundabout to see that.”