Register anything from TVs to rings

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PEOPLE who received expensive gifts for Christmas – such as plasma TVs, bikes and jewellery – are being urged by police to register them now so they can be traced if stolen.

Any item can be registered on and the site is especially popular with people wanting to record details about their mobile phones and bikes.

The system records all-important serial numbers and allows users to upload photographs and descriptions of their valuables.

Lincolnshire Police Det Sgt Richard Myszczyszyn said: “Burglars and thieves know that there will be rich pickings to be had in the post Christmas period and the use of the Immobilise database is a valuable addition to your crime prevention precautions.

“You can register as many items as you like and then, if they are lost or stolen, you simply log back on to register them as such.

“The police can check any property they recover, whether that be from raids, routine checks on second-hand dealers or items brought into custody and, if they find anything that is listed as stolen, not only will you get your belongings back but the thieves can be brought to justice.”

The database is linked directly to police systems, helping officers to trace the owners of recovered property and also to identify the item as stolen if found in the possession of a thief.

Det Sgt Myszczyszyn said: “We want to send a clear message to those potential thieves that anything logged on Immobilise is too hot to handle. By registering your property and marking it as such, Lincolnshire residents can take steps to ensure they are much less likely to become a victim of crime.”