‘Rap on knuckles’ for burglar brothers

Hole in the wall at Fenbank Builders, Holbeach.
Hole in the wall at Fenbank Builders, Holbeach.
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A FIRM of builders hopes two brothers who broke in and stole charity money will turn to the straight and narrow after a “rap on the knuckles” from the courts.

Timmy and Tommy Waters were ordered to do 250 hours of unpaid work and pay £1,328.16p compensation each after admitting burglary at Fenbank Builders, Holbeach, last October, and a charge of fraud.

A spokesman for the firm said it was good to see justice had been done and hoped that the sentence would act as a warning to other young people that “crime doesn’t pay”.

Mandy Cook said: “We know times are hard for a lot of people and we don’t hold any grudges but hopefully these two young men have received a good rap on the knuckles and they will now go on the straight and narrow and be an example for other young people.

“I hope they have had a bad enough Christmas with this hanging over them and spread the word that crime doesn’t pay.”

The pair, who appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on Wednesday, smashed their way through an exterior wall of the firm’s offices in Welbourne Lane East, and stole the safe.

The court heard Timmy Waters (25), of Guys Head Road, Sutton Bridge, used a hammer to break through the wall while Tommy (23), of South Drove, Lutton Marsh, acted as look out.

Rob Townsend, prosecuting, said the safe, which contained £550 cash plus bank cards, cheque books and documents was loaded into a car and driven to Gedney Drove Marsh.

There the cash and cards were removed and the safe was dumped.

Mr Townsend said the brothers then made their way to King’s Lynn where they used one of the cards in seven stores and restaurants, including McDonalds.

They were traced after police checked CCTV footage and picked them out.

Mrs Cook said the money stolen from the safe included about £300 petty cash, £70 from an in-house lottery game and about £250 raised at a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

She said: “They were lucky there was that much cash in the safe as we are builders and do not usually have cash on the premises.

“Also, I would normally have already paid the Macmillan money into the bank, except we had received a pledge for more money so I was waiting to receive that.

“I hope they are ashamed of themselves for stealing money intended for charity and we will be looking forward to receiving compensation so we can forward that money on to Macmillan.

“Going on a spending spree was their downfall in the end as police were able to trace the cards and see them using it on CCTV.

“It just proves that CCTV does works.”