Quieter pumpkin night for police

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SPALDING’S 2011 Pumpkin Parade passed without the kind of violence that marred the event last year.

Police reported some minor problems with groups of youngsters hanging around car parks early on in the evening, but despite isolated incidents of anti-social behaviour no arrests were made during the event.

Insp Paul Timmins, of Spalding Police, said: “There was no real trouble to speak of. It was a well-run operation and there were lots of people out enjoying the event.

“We had a couple of issues with young people hanging around in groups being loud and raucous. Although they were not technically doing anything wrong, they were moved on and encouraged to enjoy the event like everyone else.

“But by the end of the event we had made no arrests, which is a positive move forward.”

Insp Timmins said the level of anti-social behaviour experienced during the evening was what would normally be expected on a Friday evening.

The only problem arising from the event, according to Insp Timmins, was some traffic chaos early on in the afternoon because roads were closed earlier than anticipated.

Last year officers were confronted by more than 100 12 to 18-year-olds who tried to hijack the family event with pre-arranged gang fights.

Police had to use Taser guns against one offender who assaulted a police officer during the violent outbreaks, which happened away from the town centre where the parade itself passed off safely.

l Police are appealing for information on one incident at the South Holland District Council car park in Priory Road.

Offenders jumped on top of a Mazda, owned by a Crowland couple, sometime between 6.45pm and 8.10pm. The car will need a replacement bonnet as a result of the damage.

Anyone who saw the damage inflicted should call PCSO Adam Ballard on 07939 887634 or call Spalding Police Station on 0300 1110300 quoting incident 3917/10/11.