Punched and kicked partner who found ‘flirty’ texts

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A man punched and kicked his partner after she confronted him about “flirty” texts from another woman.

Ian Peckett (29) and Angela Hobson had been going out for three months when they had an outing and returned to her home in Moulton Seas End and he fell asleep in the chair.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said while Peckett was asleep, his mobile phone went off and Ms Hobson saw messages from another woman that were “quite flirty”.

She woke him, he wanted to know why and Ms Hobson asked about the messages.

Peckett pushed her to the floor, she got up and he pushed her to the floor again.

Mr Clare said when Ms Hobson got up a second time he pushed her against a window, held her around the throat, and Miss Hobson began scratching him in an effort to get free.

She said in a statement: “He was shouting at me right close up in my face. I kept shouting at him to get out of my house.”

Mr Clare said Peckett picked up Ms Hobson’s clock from the mantelpiece and threw it to the floor and the clock broke into pieces.

Peckett pushed Ms Hobson again and she again landed on the floor.

Mr Clare said he then punched her head and kicked her to the side around her hip area.

As Peckett walked away, Ms Hobson ran out and locked herself in her car and dialled 999.

The attack left her with red marks, grazing and a lump on her head.

Mr Clare told magistrates: “She points out that she feels this is the end of the relationship and says ‘I don’t want him back to my house’.”

Police handcuffed Peckett and while at the police station he hit a wall with the handcuffs, making indentations in the wall.

Mr Clare said Peckett had a previous conviction for violence against another partner and had been made subject to a programme to combat domestic abuse.

Magistrates adjourned the hearing to August 22 for a probation report.

Peckett, of Thistley Close, Coulsden, Surrey, admitted assault by beating, criminally damaging a clock and criminally damaging a wall at Boston Police Station.