Prison warning for no show

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Magistrates added ten hours to a man’s unpaid work order after he failed to show up on two days and warned him he may be facing prison unless he starts attending.

Gregory Bailey (28), of South Drove, Spalding, was given 100 hours for ten counts of making off without payment for fuel when he appeared in court in April this year.

Probation officer Kiran Patel told magistrates on Thursday that Bailey has so far completed only 30 minutes of the order by attending an initial interview and failed to attend unpaid work sessions on May 4 and 25.

Presiding magistrate Jane Tidswell told Bailey: “If it comes back again, we will have to review it and I have to tell you the alternative is custody.

“I can’t be more explicit than that.”

Bailey admitted failing to attend the work sessions and failing to provide an acceptable explanation within seven days.