Prevention better than CCTV in Holbeach?

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Crime prevention is to be used to combat the need for CCTV in Holbeach.

A working party of parish councillors is to be set up to look at how this can be achieved.

The parish council has been under pressure to reverse a decision to axe its payment towards CCTV in South Holland for the next financial year in a bid to save £5,500.

Acting clerk Teresa Daisley said no monies were allocated for CCTV in the precept.

The decision came in spite of a letter from Insp Jim Tyner stating in his 20 years’ experience of policing he was convinced CCTV works and that it contributes to the prevention of crime and disorder in general and in Holbeach.

South Holland District Council deputy leader Nick Worth last year unveiled plans for a new system in the district which would have seen the cameras monitored round-the-clock.

Dave Hudson, chairman of Holbeach Business Forum, said: “CCTV is vital for the town. The council says Holbeach has no crime, but that’s because of its CCTV.”