Pot Noodle delivered to girlfriend was real ‘pot’

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Court News
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A Spalding man put “a spliff’s worth of cannabis” inside a Pot Noodle and delivered it to Pilgrim Hospital where his girlfriend had been sectioned on the mental health ward.

But staff examined the food parcel from Nicholas Cartlidge, found the cannabis and called police, Boston magistrates heard today (Wednesday).

She said it settled her and made her feel better

Solicitor Anita Toal

Cartlidge (25), of Welbeck Drive, was fined £70 and ordered to pay £50 costs with a £20 victim surcharge when he admitted supplying a class B controlled to his girlfriend on March 15.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Cartlidge later told police his partner had been on the mental health ward for about five weeks, after being sectioned, and had asked him to get her some cannabis as it “settles” her mental health problems.

Solicitor Anita Toal said the drug had belonged to the girlfriend and Cartlidge had taken it to her after she had badgered him to do so.

“She said it settled her and made her feel better,” Mrs Toal told the court.