Police want CCTV in Holbeach to stay

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Holbeach Parish Council has been warned that the town could become a “magnet for travelling criminals” if CCTV cameras are switched off in line with budget cuts.

Inspector Jim Tyner, community policing inspector for Spalding, has mounted a strong defence of CCTV after the council voted to axe its £5,500 contribution towards it for 2013/14.

The council has been criticised by members of South Holland District Council who met with parish councillors in Holbeach last month to discuss the future of CCTV in the area.

But Insp Tyner has now added his voice to the debate after writing to the parish council ahead of its meeting on Monday.

In his letter, Insp Tyner said: “I am aware that Holbeach Parish Council has deferred its contribution to the provision of CCTV (in South Holland).

“There are currently six CCTV systems within Lincolnshire, all are different and all authorities are looking at finding savings.

“All councils are at different stages of CCTV evolution and it is difficult to provide hard data that links the use of CCTV to convictions.

“We will never know what crime has been prevented by the presence of CCTV, but 22 years’ policing experience tells me that CCTV works.”

Parish councillors want more information from a district council task group set up to look at the possibility of joining a countywide CCTV system.

Until it reports back, the parish council is standing by its decision to keep back its £5,500 contribution.

But Insp Tyner said: “While our CCTV system may not be perfect, I am certain that it contributes to the prevention of crime and disorder in Holbeach.

“I am concerned that the absence of CCTV would be seen as a magnet for travelling criminals.”