Police: Take responsibility online

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FANS of social networking websites are being urged to use some common sense if they fall victim to cyber bullying.

South Holland’s police say they are receiving calls about problems from users of websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and threats from emails and text messaging on a daily basis.

However, they say many issues could be solved by users simply deleting those they are in dispute with.

Sgt Stuart Brotherton said: “When it comes to sites like Facebook and Twitter, talk to whoever you like but my simple message is we will investigate crime based on evidence but there is a bit of personal responsibility.

“If you do get some sort of threat or unpleasantness from someone you are in contact with, then delete them and do not reconnect with them.”

The same advice is being given to mobile phone users – delete contacts or consider changing your mobile phone number.

Many of the complaints that have been made to police involve young people.

Sgt Brotherton added: “The less information you give them, the less chance they have to come back at you.

“We are an investigative organisation and we pride ourselves on investigating serious incidents. We do not want officers getting bogged down by what could be prevented.”

Help and advice for anyone using the internet is available from CEOP – the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Visit www.ceop.police.uk for more information.