Police set to pounce on scary clowns

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Police are condemning the scary clown craze that’s sweeping Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.

People dressed as clowns are popping up in towns and villages, with sightings reported in Wyberton, Boston, Lincoln, Hykeham, Waddington and Market Rasen.

The Lincolnshire Clown has a Facebook page and appears to be a copycat of a prankster in Northampton who dressed like the Pennywise character from the cult Stephen King film, It.

Lincolnshire Police community safety officer Gill Finn said: “We are getting reports from members of the public who are being approached by clowns as part of the craze that is sweeping across the East Midlands at this time.

“Lincolnshire Police will take any reports of anti-social behaviour seriously, especially where occurrences intimidate, harass or frighten members of the public.”

She said any residents who see the scary clowns in their neighbourhood should call police on 101.

The Northampton Clown sparked national media attention before he was unmasked as a fun-loving student. The Lincolnshire Clown’s Facebook page is closed and asks people not to comment.

• A fear of clowns – known as coulrophobia – is in the nation’s top three scariest things after spiders and needles, according to a poll.
Following the student’s antics in Northampton, a circus offered therapy for people with a fear of clowns.
Ringmaster Attila Endresz, from John Lawson’s Circus, said coulrophobia relates to masks or make-up and clowns wear no make-up when they first meet sufferers and then gradually get themselves made up while giving reassurance they are a real person.

He said the ultimate aim is to get the sufferer dressed as a clown and then they know it’s only make-up.