Police say death was not intended

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An elderly woman has forgiven the man who walked free from court after killing her husband in a social club squabble.

John Booth (81), of Wignals Gate, Holbeach, hit his head on a table after being pushed by Terence Fisher in January last year and died a few days later from a brain haemorrhage.

Cambridge Crown Court heard the two men clashed after Mr Booth, a retired lorry driver, made an “unwanted” comment about Fisher.

Fisher (79), of Farcet, near Peterborough, was given a 12-month suspended jail sentence on Friday when he admitted involuntary manslaughter.

After the court hearing, Mr Booth’s widow, Kathleen, said she had forgiven Fisher and the shove happened in the “heat of the moment”.

She described the court’s sentence as “fair”.

Mrs Booth said: “He has apologised to me and I’m just glad the matter is over.

“It was in the heat of the moment and he has just given him a shove that would normally have been it, but this time he hit his head and damaged all the inside.

“I’m not angry towards him or anything. He didn’t mean to do that much harm.”