Police respond to Holbeach party criticism

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POLICE in Holbeach have defended organisers of the town’s Party in the Park event, saying they cannot be blamed for anti-social behaviour which followed.

Speaking at the Holbeach Parish Council meeting on Monday, Sgt Duncan Ashwell said he wanted to respond to criticism about “police action or inaction” at the July celebration.

It follows claims that large groups of people had been fighting in the town after the music event.

He said: “I was working the day shift on that day and when I went off in the afternoon there had been no calls whatsoever that could be attributed to Party in the Park.

“PC Iain Braid came on as I went home and as far as he was concerned it was a normal Sunday and there were no specific events that Lincolnshire Police could attribute to Party in the Park.”

He added: “From a police point of view Party in the Park went very well and was a success.”

Sgt Ashwell told councillors there were three incidents that day. Two involved people fighting but when officers arrived they found two people had minor injuries from the first and a woman refused treatment after the second. A third fight involved people who had not been to Party in the Park.

Sgt Ashwell said: “We did not have a huge amount of calls.”

Coun Peter Savory suggested all interested parties get together to look at how to address any concerns for next year.

He said: “We can look at it and put forward ideas to improve so we can ensure it goes on next year with the least amount of trouble.”